Animations with RxAndroid

In the previous post you saw a brief example about Model View Presenter pattern and how to apply it to update the value of a progress indicator.

In this post you’ll go further and will animate the transition between the initial and final progress values and will include a couple o new functions to your view.

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Example of Model View Presenter pattern on Android

There’re many interesting descriptions about the Model View Presenter (MVC) pattern and its ins and outs, for example this (at the end of the article).

It’s a recommended pattern to make views independent and take most of logic out from your activities.

This post shows an extremely brief example about implementing MVP on Android.

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AngularJS. Filling an array dynamically

This little example based on AngularJS shows how to fill an array by creating input fields linked with each of its positions. Also, you’ll see a fine alternative to avoid losing focus issues.

You can find a working snippet here.

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Android tutorial. How to replace fragments inside a ViewPager

This is a migrated post from my former blog

I’ve developed a little example app about replacing a Fragment by another one inside a ViewPager. Also, if you navigate between them it’s possible to keep the backstack:

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Android tip. Remove an Activity from stack after going to another

This is a migrated post from my former blog.

This entry explains a way to remove and activity when you navigate to another. So, if you press back button you won’t return to it.

But, is it useful?

Activity stack scheme

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