AngularJS. Filling an array dynamically

This little example based on AngularJS shows how to fill an array by creating input fields linked with each of its positions. Also, you’ll see a fine alternative to avoid losing focus issues.

You can find a working snippet here.

The code inside the controller is quite simple. It defines an array var to store the values and a couple of functions: one to add a new value and another to remove a certain position from the array:

$scope.array = [''];

$scope.addRow = function() {
$scope.removeRow = function(position) {
    $scope.array.splice(position, 1);  

On the other hand, the layout looks like:

    <button ng-click="addRow()">Add field</button>

    <tr ng-repeat="field in array track by $index">
        <td><input type="text" ng-model="array[$index]"></td>       
        <td><button ng-click="removeRow($index)" ng-show="$index!=0">Remove</button></td>
    <b>Current values</b>

The key is the line:

<tr ng-repeat="field in array track by $index">

And specially track by $index, since a side effect of omitting it is every time you type a character the input field loses the focus. Also, another error you could find is:

Error: [ngRepeat:dupes] Duplicates in a repeater are not allowed. Use 'track by' expression to specify unique keys.

Check it here.

For further info, take a look at the official documentation.